Auto and Home Insurance Program


Now, through a new program made available through the Voluntary Benefits Plan, members of the American Postal Workers Union can join MetLife Auto & Home’s Group Insurance Program.


  • Convenient payment options available – including PAYROLL DEDUCTION;
  • Simple claim filing procedure; and
  • Customer service that’s second to none!


What is MetLife Auto & Home’s Group Insurance Program?


It is a personal property insurance program designed for members of participating groups that allows you to apply to obtain smarter, more complete auto, home* and other types of personal property insurance. Participation in this program gives you access to special group rates**, hassle-free payment options and unique built-in coverage features to protect you in the event of a loss.


What Types of Policies Are Available?


MetLife Auto & Home offers a number of policies to meet all of your property insurance needs, including:


  • Special group rates could save you money because you’re part of a participating group. Plus, you may even qualify for a variety of policy discounts** to help increase your savings.
  • Superior service with one easy-to-remember toll-free number to call for all of your needs — 1 800 GET-MET 8 (1-800-438-6388). The MetLife Benefits Line is available Monday through Saturday for quotes, to apply for coverage, and customer service. Claims can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Convenient payment options that take the hassle out of paying for your insurance. There are several options, so you can choose the one that’s best for you.


Why Switch to MetLife Auto & Home?


  • Extra protection with Auto Advantage† provides you with built-in coverage protection that could save you money in the event of an accident. These unique coverages are included in every auto policy with no hidden costs to give you extra protection that’s not found in most other policies.
  • Rewards for safe drivers† could lower your out-of-pocket deductible cost in the event of an accident. The Deductible Savings Benefit recognizes your years of safe driving by crediting you $50 a year for every year of claim-free driving for up to five years. You could earn $250 toward a future deductible just for being a good driver!
  • Boat
  • Fire
  • Mobile Home*
  • Personal Excess Liability (“Umbrella”)
  • Landlord’s Rental Dwelling
  • Auto
  • Home
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Recreational Vehicle


Please Note

You must notify The Voluntary Benefits Plan of any address change for you, your dependents and/or beneficiaries, and any change in employment and union membership status change, life status change (i.e., marriage, divorce, beneficiary or name change), or benefit changes requested. Notice must be in writing.


What Information Should I Have With Me When I Call For Free Quotes?


To make the most accurate comparisons, please have your current policies on hand when calling. For auto quotes, please also have the following: Social Security number, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and the driver’s license number of each member of your household. Make the switch to smarter, more complete auto and home insurance coverage. Just call 1 800 GET-MET 8 (1-800-438-6388) for your free, no-obligation quotes. You could even apply for policies while you’re on the phone. To make accurate comparisons, please have your current policies on hand when calling.


To find out more about the benefits available for APWU members-only,


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