Common Questions

Group Short Term Disability Insurance Plan

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the products and services offered on this web site. If you don't find the information you need, please Contact Us.

Q. I have just become disabled and won't be able to return to work for quite a while. Without my paycheck, how can I possibly pay all of my bills?
A. If you are enrolled in the Short Term Disability Protection Plan, you could be receiving up to two-thirds of your average monthly income (up to $3,500 per month) for up to 12 months after a 30 day disability waiting period. The money is paid directly to you, to be used in any way you wish.

Q. I've heard you offer a Short Term Disability Plan and a Long Term Disability Plan. What is the difference between the two plans?
A. The Short Term Disability plan will pay benefits on the 31st day of a covered disability and benefits are payable up to 12 months. The Long Term Disability plan will pay benefits from the 13th month of a covered disability For a covered disability starting prior to age 61, benefits are payable to age 65. For covered disabilities starting at ages 61-69 benefits are also payable.  See certificate for details.

Q. May I apply for only one of the disability plans or do I have to apply for both?
A. You may apply for either or both plans with the same or different benefit amounts up to two-thirds of your average monthly income pay. If you have the security of both plans and you become disabled, you would first collect benefits under the Short Term Disability plan after your 30 day waiting period. If you were still disabled at the end of the 12th month you would continue to receive benefits under the Long Term Disability plan.

Q. Are the disability plans Guaranteed Acceptance?
A. All disability applications go through an underwriting process. Acceptance is based on your answers to the medical questions on your application.

Q. How long does the underwriting process take?
A. The underwriting process depends on your answers to the medical questions on your application, in some instances the insurance company may have to ask you or your doctor for additional information, resulting in additional processing time.

Q. Can I collect benefits for pregnancy?
A. Maternity benefits are paid as any other sickness for a maximum period of six weeks. There is a 90 day waiting period for each pregnancy. If pregnancy begins within 12 months of the certificate's effective date, pregnancy-related disability will not be covered. However, complications of pregnancy will be treated the same as any other sickness.

Q. What's a Total Disability?
A. Total disability means a complete inability to perform the material duties of your regular occupation. The total disability must be the result of an injury or sickness, and you must be under the regular care of a doctor and not working at a gainful occupation.