Common Questions

Dental Plan

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the products and services offered on this web site. If you don't find the information you need, please Contact Us.

Q. Can I continue with the services of my current dentist or must I choose a dentist from your program?
A. Members may use any licensed dentist they choose. You may continue with the services of your current dentist if this is who you prefer.

Q. Who pays the dentist for services I receive?
A. If your dentist requires payment when services are rendered, you pay the dentist and submit the bills to our office for reimbursement. If your dentist allows it, he or she can submit the bills directly to our office for payment. You are still responsible for any charges, including the deductible, not covered by the plan.

Q. If I enroll for the Family Plan and choose the Optional Orthodontics Coverage, does this mean I can also receive Orthodontics services for my spouse or myself?
A. No, this optional coverage applies only to insured dependent children under 19.

Q. What is the difference between the High Option plan and the Low Option plan?
A. The High Option plan pays a higher percentage of the usual and customary charges in addition to a shorter waiting period for benefits as explained in the Benefits Schedule. The Low Option plan costs less.

Q. I'm confused, besides choosing either the High Option or Low Option plan, must I also choose between the Type I, Type II or Type III benefits listed in the Benefits Schedule?
A. No, look at it as a package deal, whether you choose the High Option plan or the Low Option plan, you will receive all the services of Type I, Type II and Type III benefits in the respective plan you've chosen.

Q. What does Waiting Period mean?
A. "Waiting Period" means the time you must wait after your coverage becomes effective before you can use the Dental Plan for certain covered services.

Q. I am a retired member of the APWU, am I eligible to enroll in the Dental Plan?
A. You are eligible to enroll as long as you remain a dues paying APWU member.

Q. Because I am retired, will the premiums be deducted from my Annuity or will you bill me directly?
A. No, the premiums cannot be deducted from your Annuity, we will direct bill you either Monthly, Quarterly or Annually, whichever method is most convenient for you. Another option is Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking or savings account.